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Things To Know While Moving An Expensive Pool Table

Investing on such aristocratic games is huge and so maintaining its quality is an essential job of the owner. If you are planning to shift or relocated the pool table, then additional care and precaution should be taken. A single scratch can be devastating for you. So, why not hire a specialist pool table moving company and assign them the job? However, you should also have fair knowledge on how the pool table should be disassembled and moved to the new place. This article will give you the outline of the entire process.

Moving the pool table in a whole is not possible and also not accepted. As it’s a very pricy investment, proper care should be taken to disassembly it and then move it part by part. The work is not simple and surely cannot be done by you. So, the best way is to approach to a piano removalist company first, take guidance, know the price quote and then take the final decision.

Even the professional services that are into furniture moving might not do justice with this specific job. So, for this you should hire expert office movers The pool tables are super heavy and so large number of man power is required to disassemble it and then move by parts. The central board is made of rock so the weight becomes too heavy.

You can read the catalog before taking up any step. The simple process is to follow the steps shown in the catalog. The disassembly requires a skilled hand and number of tools, so hire a professional service. Each and every joint should be removed carefully and kept in a proper place. Finding missing parts in the hardware stores is next to impossible, so extra precaution should be taken.

The six pockets of the pool table should be opened first. Then the rails should be removed. After the rails are removed, the professional should label it so that the reassembly becomes easy.

Now one by one the felt and the slate should be removed. The slate is the heaviest part of the pool table and so it will require more people. Usually, the weight of the slate stays close to 800 lbs. Now, the legs should be removed and labeled.

The professional service will now wrap every part very carefully. Special care should be given to the slate as it gets tampered the most during moving. The labeling will help a lot during the reassembly task. Special moving vans should be there to move the pool table safely. If you find that all these steps are followed properly then you can be assured that your pricy investment is safe.