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Soda Blasting To Remove Graffiti

Schools, hospitals, homes, bus stations, shops… none of these institutions are safe from graffiti taggers. An ever-growing problem, graffiti is a time-consuming and not to mention costly nuisance. Between the years of 2009 and 2014, the government of Australia noted that over forty thousand works of graffiti were reported. This is a crime perpetrated largely by the younger crowd under the cover of darkness. While they consider it a harmless prank, graffiti can be quite unsightly and in most cases, depreciates the value of buildings.

If sprayed on public surfaces, the government is usually responsible for cleaning up the mess. However, if a private building is tagged, it is the owner who is tasked with the heavy burden of having to clean up the unsightly doodles. As it is quite common, there have been many elimination methods tested. In fact, there is an entire market that caters to graffiti cleaning agents. Many cleaning companies have also begun applying their cleaning techniques towards this pesky problem.

However, the most effective way of boat anti-fouling has been proven to be soda blasting. Soda blasting involves the use of pressurized air along with baking soda molecules to clean surfaces with as greatest efficiency as possible. There are many reasons why soda blasting is the superior solution for eliminating these:


Compared to other methods, soda blasting is a better option as it manages to completely remove the drawings. With other approaches such as chemical agents designed for graffiti removal service there is a lower chance of eradicating the scribbles fully. These detergents may lighten the appearance of the vandalism, but it rarely gets rid of all traces of the art. In certain cases, these cleaning agents may only smudge the spray paint across the walls, damaging its appearance further. With its high powered blast, soda blasting, expels sodium bicarbonate onto the paint forcing it off the surface.


While the soda blasting is quite tough on the paint, it causes no abrasions to the walls itself. Other methods of removing it such as scouring with wire brushes usually causes a lot of damage to the wall. In addition to being gentle on surfaces, sodium bicarbonate is soluble in water and can easily be washed off. This means that there is no ugly discolouration on the wall.

Time Saving

If you intend on using elbow grease to remove graffiti, there is a good chance that you will spend a considerable amount of time attempting to take off the stubborn paint. Especially if the paint is not fresh, it will require a lot of effort to be removed. Even then, you might not be completely victorious in your labors. With soda blasting, this time is cut drastically short and the results are much more satisfactory.

As you are now aware of an easier way to get rid of graffiti save yourself some time, money and effort and employ this soda blasting technique the next time you encounter the unfortunate work of these taggers. It is guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.