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New Member In The Family

So you’ve finally given in to the demands of your children and agreed to have a pet that is not a goldfish in a bowl. Naturally, having a pet is an added responsibility, especially if you live in an urban area. There are regulations regarding how many and what kind of pets you can have, and the level of imposition this will cause to your neighbours. There is also the question of space, and the fact that it is a living thing that will be in your care after the initial two weeks of kiddie enthusiasm wanes. All in all, it is better to be well prepared before you bring a pet into the family home.
Pet Proofing
Baby proofing a house is common and sometimes standard practice, these days in many countries around the world. Pet proofing is relatively new to a lot of pet owners who have a length of yard, but is essential for those in an urban setting. If your new pet is still a baby (a puppy or a kitten) they will not be house- broken. So be prepared to have many, many upholstery cleaning in Browns Plains sessions and shouting matches with your children.
Put down newspapers and litter trays wherever possible, and start gentle instruction from day 1. Animals respond to kindness, so don’t lose your temper when they make a mistake. Keep training them and hopefully, you puppy will be house- broken in a few weeks and you can seek the help of cleaning service crew you scheduled.
Pet Playing
Delineate playing areas from the start, both to your children and your pet. Kitchens and dining rooms should be strict no- go areas as food will be lying around. Pets shed a lot, so the risk of animal hair sneaking into your food is high. Once there, it can cause allergies and asthma attacks in humans. It is also a good idea to have some toys lying around for your pet to play with. This will stop them from being constantly underfoot. Pets like puppies need affection and attention and will act out if they are lacking. If you want to save your shoes, slippers, clothes pins, hats and any other chewable household item from the jaws of your growing puppy, then have a play bone or some other soft toy for it to chew. Kitten need less attention, however they need something to scratch their claws on, so leave a block of wood for them, or watch your curtains being rendered to shreds.