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Interior Design Ideas For Conference Rooms and Halls


If you feel like your office’s conference room is getting shabbier by the minute and your rival’s office has an awesome conference room, then time to get refurbishing. Conference halls are the epitome of the office (CEO’s office not counting) and showcase the professionalism of the company. They are planned with intricate details given to host a large group of people, with top technology for presenting and getting ideas across, with the conveniences you find in a luxury room (not all luxuries though).

The key themes for conference rooms are sophistication and elegance. And most professional corporate interior designers follow these themes. Usually the rooms are sound proofed as well and have high quality items inside the rooms.

Measure before planning

Before you order any décor or furniture, make sure that you measure the conference room to get the specifications. Then draw a tentative plan with the measurements with all the furniture and other items placed inside. If you can get the aid of architectural software then you can visualize your ideas in full scope and in detail from the venetian blinds to the projector screen. When figuring out spaces for everything to go in the room, make sure to allocate spaces for walkways and also for a food cart if you are going to use one.

Picking the colors

One thing you need to be extra careful about when planning the inside of the room is the color palette or the theme you are going to use. The color scheme you pick should be able to give off the first impression of professionalism, and also be able to set the moods in the room, emotions and reactions of the people as well. Optimizing the use of natural light is highly recommended and this should be able to work well with whichever artificial lighting and fixtures you pick as well. You can also use blinds and such for minimizing natural lighting for presentations and such. The color palette should be different from the furniture coloring that you have chosen as well. Usually warm colors and mixed in with a cooler color to get optimum result but beware of clashing bright colors.

For conference rooms small in size or low in natural lighting settings, using bright colors and lighter colors can give a false sense of larger spaces and a lot of lighting.

Usually the type of table that are used for conference rooms are long rectangle ones, round tables or U shaped tables. Depending on the amount of space you have inside, be careful of picking furniture that might end up making your room look smaller.