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How Using Different Methods Can Make A Difference

People react differently to different methods therefore if you are teacher it is important that you learn a variety of techniques as knowing just one technique could limit the progress you make with different students. The same goes for structures and other inanimate objects. For example if you decide to paint the walls in your house you cannot use the same tools and paint samples you would use to paint a picture because an entire different method is used when it comes to painting walls.

Straying away from the usual

If your carpet gets stained after a dinner party it is likely that the next day you will be on your knees with a bucket full of bleaching solution, trying to remove the stain. If your child gets a minor scrap while playing outside you are likely to react by placing a band aid on the wound or if your furniture gets ruined in a fire you may think the most appropriate method would be to throw the furniture out and buy new ones. However, by using methods that stray away from how you would usually react, might give you surprising outcomes. For example, instead of throwing away burnt furniture you could use a soda blasting technique which is an environmentally safe method which would be able to remove the soot and residue allowing you the chance to preserve your furniture.

Could be harmful

There are certain methods that could cause psychological harm to the individual. For example, the method of throwing an individual into a pool when teaching them how to swim good cause them to develop a phobia of water or if you want your friend to get use to your dog you may think by locking the dog and your friend in the same room might help but this could result in your friend being bitten. Therefore evaluate the method you wish to use very carefully before you use it.

Being your own teacher

If you do not trust anyone else to teach you can always resort to teaching yourself. There are many ways to learn such as reading, talking to experts and watching videos of the task being carried out. When you are your own teacher you can work according to your own timetable and the only person you have to please is yourself, therefore the stress of keeping up with the rest of the group or getting blasted by your instructor is prevented. Trial and error is another great method of mastering a task. Cooking is a good example where trial and error might come into play. You do not need to be perfect in the kitchen; you just have to be open to taking risks. Do not be afraid to try new things while cooking because if it doesn’t work t you would know to change your method and try something new. By sticking to the task you will eventually find which method is best for you.