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How Hot Tapping Is Created?

Hot tapping or pressure tapping is a service that is related to pipe fittings. In such a procedure a joint is added to a pressurized line or pipe that might be existing. Or else, it might be created at the time when new lines are being added to one’s home interiors like the bathroom. When hot tapping needs to be done, there is a special machine that is used. This machine is used by the pipe fitter. He or she will do the procedure without having to shut down the entire line or having to drain out the system. If a pipeline services a public building or area where shutting down supply would incur heavy losses or endanger public safety, this method is generally used.

How it is done?

When it comes to hot tapping, the pipe fitter uses the hot tapping machine along with a gate valve in order to create a diversion. The tap fitting needs to be added to the main pipe and needs to be tested before it is attached to the gate valve. Today it is possible to call in a plumbing service in your area through the plumbing software. With the installation and opening of the gate valve the pilot drill and the machine cutter are put through. A hole is created with the pilot drill in order to guide the cutter through the wall of the pipe. Once the cut is created, the machine is then extracted and the valve closed. Once the new lines are ready and connected the valve is opened up.

Versatility of the method

This method is used for installing valves and branches in different pipelines. Hot tapping can be done with PVC, copper, steel, iron as well as with cement or asbestos. The pipelines and their contents can also be varied which will not deter the hot tapping method. However, the pipe fitter working on the method needs to know the procedure well. Also, he or she should be well versed in operating the hot tapping machine or fixed rate plumbing system. There might be pressurized lines that carry toxic fluids and hence, the right expertise is required in such cases.

When you are employing a plumbing service, you need to review their reliability and know their expertise and know how in the service you are looking for. It is best to seek local services that have established their reputation in such fields and can be relied upon for quality work. Again, not every plumbing service has expertise in all fields and should be chosen accordingly.