Beating Unemployment: Jobs You Can Do While Waiting For A Job

One of the most difficult things you can face in life is unemployment because without an income, you are virtually helpless in today’s economy. Unfortunately, when an economy turns downhill, companies let people go left, right, and centre; it may be hard for many people to pick themselves back up again and find a new job. So instead of eating into your savings while you wait, here are some jobs you can do to get some cash.
Get into Gardening
Everyone needs a gardener if they have a garden because most people don’t have time to attend to it. It might sound desperate, but if you need the cash, mowing lawns, weeding flower beds and potting plants is a good way to start. Talk to neighbours who have gardens, answer ads and talk to people who look like they need a bit of weeding done. In winter, offer to shovel snow. As degrading as you might feel it is going from an actual job to manual labour, remember that it still has more dignity than resorting to crime.
Do Repairs to Woodwork
Repairing woodwork is not very difficult to do once you get the hang of it. Get the necessary tools like sandpaper, polish, varnish etc. and look around for houses that might need fencing repairs, shops that need their counters or chairs polished, and schools that have a lot of wooden floors.
It takes a lot of elbow grease as most furniture have tiny crevices that a mechanical polisher or sander cannot reach but larger areas like wooden floors or fencing repairs can be done with power tools. Remember to invoice appropriately.
Flip Burghers at a Fast Food Chain
Fast food restaurants have high turnovers so they’re always looking for new people. Yes it may be embarrassing that the manager is younger than you but remember that it is temporary until you find something else. Fast food places have flexible work shifts, but you need to be quick on your feet since food has to be assembled and presented in less than 5 minutes. Learn to work all the different elements of the store: the grill, the cash machine and the clearing and who knows? You might be promoted next time.
Do Online Jobs
There are plenty of employment opportunities on the internet if you know how to look. Go to recruitment sites, job banks and online freelance sites that will offer projects for certain amount of money. If you’re lucky you will find something up your alley. If not, you might get stuck doing data entry, which is fairly mind- numbing. However, online jobs pay well if your output is high, so instead of wasting time on porn or cat videos, go look for a job.