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Arranging Your Parents’ 30th Anniversary Party

It is a grand feeling to celebrate your parents’ anniversary party. And when it is their 30th anniversary, then there is a unique charm of its own. Leading life together for long is itself amazing, they are blessed that they are bonded with love and care, for such a long time. On the other hand, organising and arranging for their 30th anniversary party is exciting, challenging and a memorable experience for you that are you are going to cherish for long.

Tips to arrange for a memorable party for your parents’ 30th anniversary

Choose the right foods and beverages – foods and drinking items must be rightly chosen. You can arrange a huge cake and place a lovely cake topper. Couple topper will be fine. Do not forget to write their names on the cake. For beverages you can include coffee as well as fruit juices and wines and let the guests enjoy their choice. When you are including coffee in your party, you can go for coffee machine rental in Brisbane. These machines will serve the purpose of making coffee for your guests. The best part is that as you are hiring you are saving money from spending on buying.

There are many such stores that offer coffee machine rental at cheap and affordable prices. However, when you are hiring these machines, make sure you tell your requirements. And the providers will provide you the machine accordingly.

Do not forget to order the fave wine of your parents. It is their party, so you have to give priority to their choice. However, you should ensure that all food items as well as drinks are fine. Do not order any too spicy foods or those items that are hard for them to eat and digest.

Choose the right venue – the party should be arranged in a place that is safe, easily accessible and well lit. Hence you should choose the venue accordingly.

Choose the right decoration – As the party is for older people, the decoration must be simple but attractive. You can choose various decorative items with a good sense of humor which suits the party theme. If you are keeping the party in your home outdoor, like in your backyard garden or your deck or patio, you should decorate in a way so that all guests can enjoy the ambiance without being affected by elements. If it is an evening party, lighting will play a major role. Decorate the area with beautiful lights. However, if the party is during afternoon, then you can save money on lighting.